The Requirements and Process for DQFanSurvey

Sonic Drive-In or simply Sonic is the fast food restaurant in America that has been serving mouth-watering cuisines and menus to people since 1953. Customer’s satisfaction is their prime focus and serving their customers with best services is what Sonic specializes in. Sonic has created a portal for customer satisfaction survey where all customers of Sonic can participate and fill the survey. The aim of this survey is to collect feedbacks from the customers and get their suggestion for improving their services and product quality. DQFanSurvey Website allows the company to identify the issues that customers are facing and rectify it for better customer services and satisfaction. Customers can participate in the survey from the official site and upon successful completion of the survey customers are rewarded with coupon code for free Route 44 Drink at the Sonic Drive-In restaurant.

What are the Requirements for Taking DQFanSurvey?

There are certain requirements which customers need to fulfil in order to participate in the survey. Customers need to ensure that they meet all these criteria in order to successfully take part in the survey and win the rewards. The survey is only available for the residents of USA and people must have purchased products from the restaurants to become a member of the survey. Below are some of the requirements for participating in the survey.

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NOTE: If you are a true Minecraft fan, you would love how this game is accessible on a range of different devices. All you need to do is login via your Microsoft account. Now here’s when things start to get a bit tricky!
Although Minecraft is small in size as compared to other games, it is one of the most complex games ever released. There can be several reasons for the occurrence of Error. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons that lead to this error in Minecraft.

Mobdro APP : Download Mobdro APK 2017 Latest Version for Android

With a number of video streaming sites with paid membership plans coming into picture, getting an application like Mobdro which provides the users with a huge collection of videos free of cost. However, the application also has paid membership plans for the users who wish to have an advertisement free video streaming experience. The free version of the Mobdro App Download application is a great option to start with, especially if the user is new to this application. The users would not be disappointed with what the free membership plan of the Mobdro application has to offer for its users only if he is okay with the random advertisement popup. However, the users should also take a note that these advertisements are the only source of funding for the free version of the application.

Mobdro apk Download


The Mobdro application uses a huge number of sites to enhance its video collection. Hence, the users of the Mobdro application get access to piles and piles of content al sorted into several genres. The application has all the available content sorted into different genres which helps the users find the videos depending on their moods. All the genres have the top played playlists which gives the users information about the trending videos in the specific genre. The genre names include sports, movies, TV shows, music videos, dance videos, gaming videos including gameplays and tutorials, funny videos and much more. The search option on the application is optimised just for the better that helps the users to get accurate search results very fast. The users can also socialise through this platform taking advantage of the share option and can also comment on the videos too.

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WhatsApp for iPad REVEALED in new code buried in Facebook

WhatsApp is the renowned messaging application which is widely used across the world to send and receive messages, send photos, videos and to make voice calls using data package or Wi-Fi. Alike other messaging application, WhatsApp also needs your phone number for registration process. WhatsApp messenger is only compatible for iPhone devices and iPad users can’t use this messaging application on their device. But, the jailbreak iPad devices can install WhatsApp on their device with the tweaks available on Cydia. But, there is a way to get the WhatsApp for iPad without jailbreak. Users can get the app by using a modified version of WhatsApp which is referred as WhatsApp++ which is designed specifically for iPad devices.

Downloading and Installing WhatsApp for iPad using WhatsApp++

To download and install WhatsApp for iPad, you would require a computer system and high speed internet connectivity. Since it is not official available for iPad devices, you are required to download the IPA of WhatsApp++ App on your iPad device. Below are the steps to download and install the application on your iPad device.

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Game Killer Latest Version Download APK 2017 [Updated]

Game Killer is one of the best game hacking tools for Android. It is designed only for Android device, with the help of this app you can hack all your favorite games easily. This app helps you to get unlimited coins, gems, money and much more. This app works only on the rooted Android devices, and this application is not available on Google Play Store. You can download the Apk file of this App on your device.

Game Killer can hack all the popular games like Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, etc.  With the help of this app, you can get all kind of advantages but using this can be a bit tricky.

How to use Game Killer on Subway Surfer:

As you know, Subway Surfer is the most popular game which is available on your Android and iOS device. This game is very easy to play on your device. In this game, you need to run and collect your coins, bonuses and mystery boxes while you keep running. But while you keep running you need to stay away from the ticket collector and protect yourself from the running trains. So check out the steps that have been mentioned below to use this app.

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How to Download SHAREit for PC/Laptop On Windows 10/8.1/7 and Mac OS?

Here's the guide to download SHAREit to PC on Windows 10, Windows 8.1/7. SHAREit pc-download tutorial will be also supplied here. Hello friends, now we're getting to share with you whole technique to SHAREit Download for PC App readily in your own Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and 10. Lenovo SHAREit on PC App has become famous from users as a result of its impressive features and works and therefore people wish to use SHAREit App on PC and would like to join Display and cellular Smartphone in a way that they are easily able to move files from PC to Smartphone and vice versa with no situation.

If it involves usage of files and discussing them using various Smartphone, all you will need is something of cross transport of files. It really is achievable with total ease in the event you employ the SHAREit to get PC. This really is a practical App that allows one to receive access to distinct files stored in your own personal computer, notebook, Smartphone, Android group along with other Smartphone. It functions as an interface to the transport of document across all of this Smartphone.

To start out with, you want to comprehend that SHAREit download is a filesharing App, also now there are just two ways where you'll be able to take advantage of this App finally in your computer or notebook platform. Anyways, here is a guide about the best way best to acquire SHAREit pc-download, and now I am likely to share with you exactly the two techniques along with you, the following. The device with 2GB RAM may even get the job done, but then you definitely really should not be expecting a smoother experience as well. Therefore, go right ahead and begin moving right through this method I am going to share with you, also that I will assure you that you will delight in learning what...Read More

Best Gaming Mouse Durable to Buy Online Of 2017

There are many brands gaming mouse that is excellent for design and functioning as well. You might get confused if you open the online store as which one to buy for personal use. In spite of many products with different price structure, you might also want to get the best gaming mouse which is durable. So, for knowing about the best durable gaming mouse read this full review.

Recommended Best Gaming Mouse Durable:

Gaming mouse is often preferred for rough use because the products are made with good materials. Here are some of the best durable gaming mice discussed below:

Razer Naga Hex V2:

This mouse has come with 7 buttons mechanical thumbwheel that works effectively. This is the best durable gaming mouse that has DPI switch buttons along with 16000DPI 5G laser sensor. The Naga Hex 2 has come with an explosive design that gives smooth performances. This mouse is lightweight and has Chroma RGB lighting that gives multiple colors...Read More

What are the Best FaceTime App alternatives for PC Winodws?

When you've been utilizing an iPhone and chose to modify into Android, or if a number of those individuals near you with an iPhone, or even every other iOS Smartphone (which will be almost surely true), then you definitely know exactly what exactly is Facetime. In the event you aren't knowledgeable about it, then let us clarify what it really is first -- Facetime is a video chat tool established by Apple year or two past that allow users to join and communicate effortlessly Is Facetime for PC Available? It's an astonishing, trusted program, however, it works just on iOS Smartphone, therefore if you're on the lookout for Facetime for Android, then you won't have the ability to acquire exactly the exact program.

If you're utilizing one of that iOS Smartphone, along with your friend is using Android, this means that you may not have the ability to use Facetime to keep in touch with each other. But, there are all those wonderful alternatives which you could Download and use in your own Android device. The alternative is tremendous, and this, we're getting to share with you some of the finest Facetime alternatives which may be employed on every stage, and that means you're able to Download any one of that video-chat software given below and create free video calls. Additional very important things -- whichever program you'll choose to Download, it is possible to trust high quality video and voice calls.

Most Useful Facetime for PC Alternatives:

Google Hang Outs:

One of the most useful Facetime program choices is Google hangouts that you probably already have on your own Android Smartphone since it's almost always one of that pre-installed software. It's readily available for i-OS users too. Let us see exactly what hang-outs could be utilized for: you are able to use it to SMS and MMS, however, you might also make video and audio calls. If it has to do with video calls, there's an remarkable feature: you may have a video telephone you to at least one, however you might even communicate with this group. Pretty cool, isn't it? What would you really have to have to be able to make use of this Facetime alternative? Obviously, you want a program, and you and anyone who you need to speak to, want a Google account, which is just about it. In the event that you never possess hang-outs installed onto your device, visit the Play Store, download it, and revel in video-chatting.<<<< Read More


We are in a generation where the impact of technology is operating at a full force. What would have been the fate of this generation in the absence of this life changer? Our world has undergone a unique transformation. Humans, being a reflection of this change, has in no time adapted to it completely. The wonderment of science and technology today is something no one can express.

The joy, happiness and expression is simply unlimted. It has transformed all areas of life including the health, educational and entertainment sector. Apart from the above mentioned, the establishment of mobile phones has been the best gift since the history of science. Just imagine what a world without effective communication would be like! Just imagine the amount of work that must be done before communication is achieved! Just imagine the stress! Indeed, life's journey with science and technology has been enjoyable, peaceful and stabilised.

Before mobile phone was discovered, there were precursors. The establishment of a working technology in the 1940s made way for mobile phones which became readily available in the 1980s. Observations were made, comparing the newly established wireless device with the wired device. People who compared, saw that more calls were made using the wireless device. The dial-then-send strategy which was discovered by portal helped decreased wasted effort.


The first automated analogue cell system (1G) was first operated in Tokyo around 1979. The issue with the first generation mobile phones was its inability to encrypt. It had a low security standard and was easy to clone due to the increased amount of wireless spectrum it uses.

Digital cellular system(2G) came about in the 1990s. It made use of digital transmission and quick out-of-band telephone-to-network signal. The second generation phone gave rise to mobile phone usage. It was in this generation that SMS and text messaging was introduced. But still, it was not up to the job.

Due to the flaws second generation phone faced, industries started working on the technology that would eliminate these flaws. Third generation phones made use of packet switching for data transmission. This was the main features that distinguished it from second generation phones.

Feature phones has limited capabilities compared to smartphones. While feature phones provide voice calling, SMS, multimedia and internet capabilities, smartphones provided more. The introduction of iphone and android devices in 2006 marked the beginning of breakthrough in smartphones. It focused majorly on apps development.

Today smartphones has features like good screen resolution qualities, watch sample videos, excellent memory and processing power, design and good hardward qualities, acessories and excellent screen cover.


Becoming a sucessful real estate agent in Jamaica is all about getting the right education, searching for a well established broker that can assist in getting your first client and coming out sucessful in Jamaica lincensing interview. The simple steps below will guide you in becoming a sucessful real estate agent in Jamaica.


Educational requirements in becoming a real estate agent in Jamaica include a pass in the royal institution of chartered surveyors(RICS) examination in general practice or land agency. Other alternative include a degree or diploma in estate management, land economy or land management from other institution. Interested candidate can also apply for a certification in a 160hours dealers course at a real estate traning institute


After certification at any real estate training institute, candidate can go ahead to apply by submitting his/her application form to the real estate board. The form can be gotten from the real estate office or website. Included in the application form are three letters of reference from either real estate dealer, bank manager, police officer, civil servant, justice of peace, collectors of taxes, religion ministers or medical practitioners.